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Elsteel TEMPERATURE VISION unit from IPD Industrial Products

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The Elsteel TEMPERATURE VISION unit, available from IPD Industrial Products , is a cost effective solution to provide online monitoring of temperatures within switchboards.

The key features of the Elsteel TEMPERATURE VISION unit include:

  • Continuous online measurement of temperature at any point in a switchboard
  • Graphical view of temperature variations
  • History of temperature variation (data logger)
  • Communicate to the external world using Modbus
  • Connection to any SCADA system
  • Setting the temperature limit settings to automatically generate alarms including SMS capability by using the Elsteel MESSAGE SUITE software
The Elsteel TEMPERATURE VISION unit comes with the Elsteel Message Suite software that offers enhanced solutions to the end user. The communication options available include new industrial technologies like OPC, along with the popular industrial communication system, Modbus.

The ELSTEEL Message Suite software provides a way of handling messages (alarms and control commands) through SMS.

The Elsteel TEMPERATURE VISION provides a total solution for temperature monitoring and a safe environment for personnel and equipment.

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