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Administration and financial functions within a business often take a back seat, or are not given as much attention, when selecting a software solution. It is often assumed that all software products are much the same.

Accounting software is an important foundation in any software package and should achieve the following objectives:

  • Full integration with all modules - automatic capture all financial transactions
  • Maximise processing efficiency – reduce the work load of users
  • Minimise the need to access original documents and paperwork for information requests and enquires
  • Minimise the need to use spreadsheets and third party reporting software
  • Report on the financial health and status of the business and its segments 

INSIGHT IMS ERP software package integrates all activities of a business - financial, manufacturing, distribution, retail, service, customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), and e-commerce.

Whether processing a supplier’s invoice, customer receipts, bank deposits, or doing bank reconciliations, the use of consistent forms in all modules, templates and one click actions results in improved efficiency.

Onscreen displays (user definable output), drill down capabilities (within and across all modules), and the use of Status (that is. supplier invoice can have a status of Paid, Waiting Receipt-Order-Approval-To Pay, or In Dispute) minimises response times and the need to access original documents.

With comprehensive reports and user definable report writer, all financial reporting requirements are satisfied.

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