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Testo 882 thermal imagers available from INLINE Systems
10.10.2011 - Available from INLINE Systems, the Testo 882 thermal imager offers extremely high resolution and precise infrared images.
INLINE Systems stocks Wohler VIS 340 push rod camera inspection systems
18.07.2011 - Manufactured by Wohler and available locally from INLINE Systems, VIS 340 push rod camera inspection systems are designed to assist in the inspection of pipe work and drains.
T4 MAX thermal imaging cameras available from INLINE Systems
18.05.2011 - Available from INLINE Systems, T4 MAX thermal imaging cameras are ideal for building and pest inspection applications.
INLINE Systems introduce the Adronic Videoscope: digital camera and video endoscope in one
31.08.2010 - Now available from INLINE Systems, the Adronic Videoscope has a 300,000 pixel resolution, which provides quality images for archiving and further presentation.
Digital vs. Analogue Video Borescope
02.08.2010 - INLINE Systems, based in Sydney are the distributors of VJ industrial video borescope products designed and manufactured in-house by RF Systems Japan.
Industrial articulated video bore scope by INLINE Systems
20.10.2009 - Designed to be able to peek around the tight corners and in dark spaces, the industrial articulation video bore scope VJ from INLINE Systems is a low-cost solution with high quality and versatility.
Introducing the Entrylink 350 Hazmat wireless video system
15.09.2009 - The Searchcam Entrylink is a wireless video camera system that gives incident command personnel the ability to see and hear in real time what the Entry Team encounters in the Exclusion Zone.
Extreme series 5mm Videoscopes available from INLINE Systems
05.12.2008 - The ‘new’ Extreme 5mm series will incorporate the new design iCapture portable TFT LCD video display and will make portability and ease of use for an industrial inspection engineer. Extreme series of
INLINE Systems offer Snake Eye II video inspection system
06.10.2008 - INLINE Systems are marketing their low-cost remote video inspection tools for use in the industrial maintenance industry in areas of building, aviation, vehicle, customs, police inspection and mainten
HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible endoscope from INLINE Systems
02.10.2008 - INLINE Systems provide the HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible 6mm fibre optic endoscopes. The lens in these HEINE SF6-1000 semi-flexible endoscopes do non fog and heat is not generated at the tip of the instrument. These products are available as portable
INLINE Systems offer the SnakeEye III underwater aquacam
02.10.2008 - The SnakeEye III underwater aquacam, available from INLINE Systems, is a hand-held, electronic appliance that incorporates the remote visual inspection technology.
HEINE SFM 8-1000/2000 Flex & Stay endoscopes available from INLINE Systems
01.10.2008 - INLINE Systems provide the HEINE SFM 8-1000/2000 Flex & Stay 8mm flexible fibre optic endoscopes with malleable probes. These endoscopes are immersible in approved fluids such as water and oil.
Extreme series of videoscopes and iCapture screens available from INLINE Systems
30.09.2008 - INLINE Systems offer the Extreme series of 4MM Videoscope models. INLINE Systems also provide iCapture screens.
Aquacam underwater scope available from Inline Systems
28.09.2007 - The Aquacam underwater scope available from Inline Systems is perfect for marine operators, water police, customs inspectors etc.
iSeries Videoscopes available from INLINE Systems
23.05.2007 - IT Concepts, a global manufacturer of industrial remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment, has launched an advanced and portable and low-cost videoscope system.
Schölly mining fiberscopes available from INLINE Systems
22.05.2007 - The German made Schölly mining fiberscopes are constructed for tough industrial handling.
Heine technoscopes from INLINE Systems
17.05.2007 - Heine technoscope is now considered by diesel engineers as a high quality and user friendly one.
INLINE Systems introduces thermal imager for law enforcement personnel
16.05.2007 - INLINE Systems has introduced Tacsight SE35 a new critical tool for your arsenal.
Versatile and compact inspection tool
14.07.2006 - The Searchcam Mongoose provides rescue personnel with a multi-purpose video inspection tool. Borrowing the state of the art technology of its big brother, the Searchcam 2000 Victim Location System, the Mongoose is designed to give emergency personnel
Remote video inspection system
13.04.2006 - SNAKEEYE is a low-cost handheld remote video inspection system available from INLINE. Lightweight, modular and portable, SnakeEye "lets your eyes travel where you can't”. Combining a CCD camera and TFT-LCD display technology, SnakeEye delivers crysta
Light scopes
12.04.2006 - THE new semi flexible INLINE Light Scope offers a low cost alternative to a wide range of non-destructive inspection applications. It is the perfect optical instrument for viewing inaccessible areas within cavities and hidden structures such as tubes
Mining fibrescopes for colliery roof inspection
28.10.2005 - THE German made Schölly mining fibrescopes, available from Inline Systems, are constructed for tough industrial handling. Five layers of protective coverings - stainless steel, nylon, PVC and silicon
Remote video inspection pan tilt camera system
24.10.2005 - INLINE Systems Pty Ltd supplies the German manufactured remote video inspection system known as the VIS 2000Pro. The VIS2000Pro technology is ideally suited to the visual inspection of most dark cavities, for example pipes, ventilation ducts, chimney
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