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Mining fibrescopes for colliery roof inspection

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article image Miner using Schölly mining fibrescope

THE German made Schölly mining fibrescopes, available from Inline Systems , are constructed for tough industrial handling. Five layers of protective coverings - stainless steel, nylon, PVC and silicon - protect the fibre bundle from external damage and ingress of water or dust.

The sheathing offers excellent resistance to crushing, over-bending, and stretching. The fibre bundle itself represents state-of-the-art in fibre technology.

Scholly uses a unique single fused quartz fibre made up of thousands of individual image points, or pixels, all having a diameter of just 3 microns. Schölly mining scopes can also be built to any desired custom length and diameter depending on the application. However, a standard 14mm diameter is recommended because of its more robust construction.

Technical Details:

* Working diameter 14mm.

* Working length 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 8 metres.

* Viewing direction 90 degrees.

* Image bundle 30,000 pixels.

* Depth of field 10mm to infinity.

* Cap lamp adapter to suit colliery cap lamps.

* Depth markings on scope shaft.

One of the most useful techniques and cost effective solutions for assessing colliery roof stability is the Schölly mining fibrescope for use with a cap lamp adapter.

Senior mine geologist Andrew Knight of Springvale Coal, Lidsdale; principle geotechnical engineer Hua Guo from CSIRO Mining & Exploration Qcat; and senior mine geologist Steve Ditton from Strata Engineering, Boolaroo, all use the popular Schölly mining scope for regular mapping of lithological contacts and geotechnical defects in the roof and floor of the mine workings.

Inline Systems also offers a repair service to fix faulty or damaged mining fibrescopes.

This new service is more than just a repair. It involves the construction and repair of any third party flexible fibrescope with a Schölly image transmitting system and illumination techniques according to the latest technologies.

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