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article image Reaches inaccessible areas.

THE new semi flexible INLINE Light Scope offers a low cost alternative to a wide range of non-destructive inspection applications.

It is the perfect optical instrument for viewing inaccessible areas within cavities and hidden structures such as tubes, tanks, etc.

The semi flexible probe is constructed using a special 'Flex & Stay' metal spiral within the PVC sheath guaranteeing robustness in all situations and ensuring excellent results for all NDT applications where a 9mm access hole is available.

The standard INLINE Light Scope uses a 3500 pixel image bundle and provides a sharp, high contrast image.

The high resolution Light Scope uses an image bundle with 7000 pixels providing a higher quality image which is better suited for applications where photographs (digital or analogue) are to be taken.

The Standard Light Scope is available in three lengths: 1000, 2000 and 3000mm. The High Resolution model is 1350mm in length.

Both fibrescopes types allow the adaptation of an optional 90° mirror tip for side viewing applications in confined spaces.

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