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Heine technoscope is now considered by diesel engineers as a high quality and user friendly one. The Heine technoscope is a modular automotive inspection tool on the market today.

The Heine technoscope has a 12V halogen bulb in the tip of the probe supplying a bright white light suitable for the dark cavity inspections and allowing the scope to be connected directly to the 12-volt supply of the vehicle.

The viewing direction of 70º and super-wide angled 100º field of view allow the user to inspect the piston crown along with the cylinder walls and valve seats of the engine for damage or wear with ease.

Automotive borescopes are available in 6 mm and 8 mm diameters and 170 mm, 230 mm and 385 mm lengths.

The use of borescopes within the automotive industry is of course not limited to engine inspection applications.

Borescope applications range from the internal examination of panel repairs and door cavities to the inspection of gearboxes and differentials.

  • Rapid and reliable diagnosis without dismantling
  • Reduced costs with increased efficiency
  • Potential problems detected early, before they cause further damage. For example cracks, blockages and wear
  • Parts ordering before dismantling
  • Less wasted time
  • Camera adaptation for documenting subject

With Heine technoscope it is possible to subtract individual components from the main product range and make up your specific kit. (For example V8 engine inspections often require a short probe length, 170 mm along with the long angled eyepiece attachment of 360 mm)

A Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera with the Heine T-00.26.177 camera adapter has a standard male thread diameter of 52 mm, which can be increased or reduced in size by using the appropriate increasing and reducing rings, which are available from several camera stores.

To use the Heine technoscopes with a digital, SLR or video camera, you must ensure the recording device has its own female thread located around the lens or cover glass face, so the reducer ring can screw into it.

Heine technoscopes are available from INLINE Systems.

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