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BugEye Thermal Camera from Inline systems

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The new BugEye Thermal Camera, from Inline systems , is suitable for Pest Inspectors who desire a small, lightweight and compact unit for optimal ease of handling in the field. The BugEye Thermal is an affordable thermal imaging solution.

Based on Raytheon's Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer Technology, the BugEye Thermal Camera offers durability.

The BugEye Thermal Camera utilises a high resolution monitor to display temperature differences down to 0.05°C allowing the operator to see both warm and cool areas in wall and ceiling cavities caused by termite infestation.

Due to the highly sensitive resolution of the unit, active termite leads in hidden cavities are also visible in ideal conditions. A unique capability of the unit is the optional wireless transmitter module for viewing images on a remote screen or documenting inspections on a notebook PC or VCR.

The integrated 'Thermal Throttle' allows the user to visualise warm areas easily by showing them as blue regions on the screen. The throttle makes tracking mud leads and nests over large wall areas simple.

The palm sized unit is lightweight, durable and simple to operate. The camera kit consists of two rechargeable batteries, a plug pack charger with AC and DC adapters, wrist strap, product orientation CD and a sturdy foam lined Pelican carry case.

The sensitive technology behind the BugEye Thermal Camera is housed in a rugged 'Ultem Thermoplastic' outer case with protective cover for the flat screen monitor ensuring that it is protected in the rough day to day conditions encountered in the field.

Temperature resistant up to 150°C, impact and water resistant, the BugEye Thermal Camera can save time in detecting termite activity.

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