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The Multifold bending automate from IMTS Laser Specialists

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Now available from IMTS Laser Specialists , the Multifold bending automate is a bending machine designed and constructed to guarantee reliable operation and an accurate bending result.

Powered by high dynamic AC-Servomotors, the Multifold bending automate combines high production speed combined with a large extend of flexibility and the possibility for unmanned production, making it ideal for automising production.

The Multifold bending automate is provided with two folding beams, one for positive bendings and one for negative bendings up to a maximum of +/- 135º. Through a mechanism, the upper and lower beam can be positioned to create Z-bendings without turning the plate.

The hold-down is CNC positioned through hydraulic cylinders, making it possible to flatten a 135° converted side in the shape of a folded seam.

Optional with the Multifold bending automate, the retractable folding list makes it possible to retract parts of the folding list automatically, so that back laying bendings or welding lips can be bent.

Thanks to the Multifold bending automate's positioning system, sheets can be lead into the infeed table automatically or manually. The sheet will then be positioned exactly and will be taken over by the sheet clamp.

Further to this, the sheet clamp can be lifted vertically with a stroke length of 35mm, so that sheets with a last negative setting can be executed. This lift function is also useful for lifting the product over the bottom tool if press through or louvres are mounted in the product.

The sheet clamp on the Multifold bending automate also does just that, clamps the product in the center. The integrated turn table rotates the product so that all sides can be bent in one cycle.

The Multifold bending automate is suitable for the flexible production of aluminium, stainless steel, and steel products, such as:

  • doors
  • electrical cabinets
  • lighting armatures
  • office furniture
  • panels for storage racks
  • panels for heating boilers
  • tool cabinets 
  • wall panels; and
  • white good equipment.

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