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article image Prepares the edges, then joins and welds.

IMTS Laser Specialists has released Mosaico, a system for tailored blanks manufacturing. The laser system combines productivity and function in a simple and reliable alternative to traditional manufacturing lines.

Conventional TBW lines typically require rigid and costly blanking dies and/or shearing machines to prepare the sheets before welding. Mosaico is a single system solution with a high degree of flexibility. It prepares (cuts) the edges, then joins and welds the blanks.

The system has a double head which allows it to automatically switch from cutting to welding. The numerically-controlled support table trims, joins and welds in a single cycle.

The head can move along any path in the XY plane, achieving both linear and nonlinear welds. Complex tailored blanks (composed of more than two parts, such as a car body side) can be easily produced within the same working cycle.

The system is modular and expandable. It can be set up to be manually operated or fully automated.

For higher production rhythms, the modular design is fully exploited when integrated with a blanks loading, unloading and handling system. The machine is environment and safety compliant and is CE compliant.

All machines are characterised by flying optics, cartesian architecture, compact structure, large work volumes, full accessibility, high precision, and easy programmability.

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