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Syncrono 2D Laser cutting machines from IMTS Laser Specialists

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With impressively high acceleration and with innovative technical solutions, eliminating vibrations and combining maximum performances with maximum efficiency, Syncrono represents a forward step in the evolution of laser cutting machines.

During cutting, Syncrono 2D Laser cutting machines reach an effective acceleration of over 6 g and can cut more than 1000 holes per minute.

Syncrono 2D Laser cutting machines, from IMTS Laser Specialists  are based on a unique solution. In fact, there are two synchronized machines in one. One has a small and light head, with very high dynamics and minimum moving masses and the other larger machine has a wide working area of 3000mm x 1500 mm.

The two machines are coordinated by patented algorithms, for an advantageous distribution of the movements throughout the axes. An active compensation cancels the vibrations deriving from the high dynamics.

Syncrono 2D Laser cutting machines’ main options:

  • Sheet metal loader
  • Server: modular and flexible automatic material handling systems
  • Plasma Monitoring and Restart
  • Automatic pallet changer
Features of Syncrono 2D Laser cutting machines:
  • Very high dynamics - acceleration 60 m/s².
  • Unitized structure: all elements are embedded in a single, easily transported block.
  • Constant beam path in the whole working area.
  • Automatic and programmable control of the focal position: no manual adjustment required from one material to another.
  • Raw sheets centering system through sensor.
  • Laser Piercing Monitor (LPM) for optimising the processing of thick materials.
  • Active device to protect the nozzle from accidental crashes.
  • 3 side accessibility cantilever architecture.
  • Head with 2 stokes (U & V) with parallel kinematics architecture.
  • 5 inch and 7.5 inch lenses, to pass from the lowest to the highest thickness.

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