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Range of replacement optics IMTS Laser Specialists

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IMTS Laser Specialists carries a wide range of OEM approved replacement optics for every part of CO2 laser system, including focusing lenses and focusing (parabolic) mirrors, bend mirrors, collimators, polarisers, rear mirrors, output couplers, and output windows.

IMTS Laser Specialists’ laser optics are from II-VI (pronounced Two-Six), the world leader in CO2 laser optics and are recommended by leading laser manufacturers around the world. II-VI manufacture their own zinc selenide (ZnSe), as well as copper (Cu), gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium (Ge), molybdenum (Mo), and silicon (Si).

A wide variety of world-class thin film coatings, such as the MP-5 ULA coating with an industry benchmark of <0.12% absorption, are applied to enhance optical properties to help maintain laser’s power and mode.

IMTS Laser Specialists new catalogue, Replacement Laser Optics is for industrial CO2 applications such as cutting, marking, and engraving. The catalogue is available to download from IMTS Laser Specialists website and provides standard part specifications for focusing lenses, output couplers, rear mirrors, fold mirrors, and polarisers. Hard copies are also available.

IMTS is the exclusive distributor and agent for II-VI laser optics.

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