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Prima Industrie introduces new Rapido Evoluzione machine

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Prima Industrie introduces Rapido Evoluzione, a radically new machine with a well known name and well experienced components: a true product evolution forced by market requirements and achieved thanks to Prima Industrie’s long established experience.

Rapido Evoluzione is larger (X = 4000 mm); faster and, above all, more dynamic (double acceleration); it takes advantage from a new, powerful and user-friendly control.

The bright innovation is however the focusing head. Its motors and transducers are totally direct, with no gears, no complex kinematics, no backlash.

It has 3 independent axes with higher dynamics and accuracy (speed: 1.5 rev per s; rotating axes accuracy 0.005°). Its peculiar design is completely modular (each axis is an independent unit), which goes to the advantage of reliability and maintenability.

The magnetic safety joints are not a novelty (indeed they have been adopted for a decade on Optimo and Rapido), but in this case Prima Industrie obtained a further result: the whole head collapses and “ breaks away” in the event of accidental crashes, and its restore is immediate.

Rapido has always been appreciated for its ergonomics (retractable arm “flying” overhead, round column, compact head, total accessibility).

Rapido Evoluzione keeps and enhances these features also with a new safety cabin, designed with a touch of Italian style common to Syncrono, which is typical of Prima Industrie’ s product line.

IMTS is the distributor of Prima Industrie products.

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