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Maximo Evoluzione laser cutting system from IMTS

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Maximo is a large cutting system based on the Platino, the well proven Prima Industrie 2D laser machine, which today is used by more than 1200 customers around the world. It is now available from IMTS Laser Specialists .

Maximo Laser Cutting System offers all the advantages of that well known, accurate and fast machine, plus a very large work area. This result is obtained with a simple but highly effective solution: a complete Platino machine - with its mechanical structure, laser generator, CNC, moving carriages, optical chain and focusing head - travelling on rails over a fixed working table, processing sheets of any lengths with the only limitation of the space available in the workshop.

As well as the movement axes of the Platino machine, the Maximo Laser Cutting Systems feature a further Y2-axis, which allows the machine to move beyond its Y1-axis stroke, as far as the sheet metal to be processed requires.

Maximo Laser Cutting System is quickly and easily installed. There is actually no need for a complete foundation. Because of a peculiar patented solution for the main carriage guidance and isostatic support, only two plinths of the same length of the Y2-axis stroke are needed.

The latest model, the MAXIMO Evoluzione laser cutting system, includes a number of improvements:

  • Higher speed: 140 m/min (combined X and Y)
  • Higher safety: protection cabin fully enclosing the work area
  • Improved user-friendliness: - CNC Primach-20L with Windows HMI, 15" Touch screen, Trackball, Tables On Board - The fast, simple and smart Maestro-Libellula programming system - remoted console to use the machine during Y2 movements - Webcam for the remote control of the work area during the process.

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