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IMTS adds new 5000 watt laser to product folio

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article image Fast Axial Flow CO2 Laser

The CV series laser is the new Fast Axial Flow CO2 laser from Prima Convergent Lasers. Designed and manufactured exclusively for use on products from Prima Industrie, this laser produces both the high power and high quality beam required for difficult material processing applications.

The design utilises the new technology and with a basic philosophy that stresses simplicity and high reliability for worldwide usage.

The CV series lasers, like the CP series lasers, are rugged industrial lasers, inexpensive to operate, reliable, and easy to use.

Main features:

  • High brightness beam for high power density
  • DC excitation - resulting in superior electrical efficiency when compared to RF excited lasers
  • Magnetic bearing turbine - no more bearing changes
  • Unique resonator structure - fast warm-up, good temporal and spatial stability
  • Solid-state power supply - reliable, low maintenance operation
  • New user friendly PC based controller - featuring advanced remote diagnostics
  • Low operating costs - proportional gas usage as a function of power
  • Single cabinet design for easy access to maintenance points

The CV5000 is uniquely designed, allowing high cutting speeds for increased productivity and the ability to process thicker materials and to produce superior cut quality with a reduced heat-effected zone.

In addition, the CV5000 consumes less power, so users obtain the dual benefit of significantly enhanced performance with lower operating costs. The product is available from IMTS Laser Specialists .

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