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IMTS Laser Specialists introduces Syncrono laser-cutting machine

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Syncrono is the name of a innovative laser-cutting machine introduced by Prima Industrie for fast and accurate cutting of sheet metal, even when operating at high speed on complex trajectories.

Prima Industrie is exclusively distributed in Australia by IMTS Laser Specialists.

With an acceleration two times higher than benchmark machines, and incorporating technical solutions to eliminate vibrations while maximising performance, the Syncrono reaches an acceleration of more than 6g. This means more than 1000 holes per minute.

The construction of the Syncrono is made up of two smaller ones: a larger unit with a wide working area (3000 x 1500mm) moving a small, light machine (the head) with a smaller stroke but with high dynamics and minimum moving masses. The two machines move independently but are fully synchronized. The machine head uses a patented design, Cartesian parallel kinematics structure.

Syncrono’s numerical control incorporates a series of patented algorithms that synchronise the movements of the two machines, thereby providing the required trajectory by means of standard programs and programming systems without the intervention of the operator.

The high dynamics of Syncrono allow the use of high cutting speeds on complex trajectories, reducing the overall time for processing parts. Also, the ratio of laser-on/laser-off time is significantly increased as the time required to move between cutting paths is reduced. The result is a reduction of the cycle time and consequently of production costs. The high dynamics applied to a small and lightweight part of the machine helps to reduce energy consumption.

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