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Fast, large cutting system processes sheets of any length

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article image Available in both a 3-axis and a 5-axis version.

MAXIMO is a large industrial cutting system based on Prima Industrie's well known 2D laser machine, Platino. Maximo is available from IMTS Laser Specialists.

The Maximo articulates a very large work envelope with speed and accuracy, where the mechanical structure, laser generator, CNC, moving carriages, optical chain and focusing head travels over a fixed working table, processing sheets of any lengths. The technology is patented.

In addition to the movement axes of the Platino machine (the Z-axis for the vertical movement, the X- and Y1-axis for the longitudinal and transversal one), Maximo features a further Y2-axis, which allows the machine to move beyond its Y1-axis stroke, as far as the sheet metal to be processed requires.

Maximo is available in both a 3-axis and a 5-axis version. Maximo 5 features a heavy duty head with focal axis for 2D, 3D and bevel cutting.

Maximo is quickly and easily installed. There is no need for a costly concrete foundation. The machine includes a patented solution for the main carriage guidance and isostatic support. Only two plinths of the same length of the Y2-axis stroke are needed.

Maximo’s Platino features ensures the machine is reliable and user friendly for less experienced operators, according to Prima Industrie.

Features include:

* Focal axis for the automatic and programmable adjustment of the focal position and stand off, which allows cutting a variety of materials and thicknesses without operator intervention and maintains accuracy over the entire work area

* Rapid lens changing system (from 5" to 7.5")

* Head equipped with anti-collision safety device

* Off-line 2D CAD/CAM and ‘nesting’ software package for quick, easy and cost-effective programming

* Fast-piercing unit for ferrous material of higher thicknesses.

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