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IMAGINiT Technologies present industry briefing on Geospatial applications and solutions

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article image Geospatial Technology assists in forming a geographic information system

IMAGINiT Technologies  have presented an industry briefing on Geospatial applications and solutions.

The Geospatial Technology combines maps, geographic data, and descriptive information to form a geographic information system.

It is the tool engineers, mappers and technicians can use to streamline the daily process of maintaining infrastructure asset and real property data.

The Geospatial technology provides a format for all components of land or development projects to be viewed in relation to each other.

This can include aerial photography, roads/transport, soil data, native and non native vegetation, engineering data, population data, building and master plan designs, heritage and sensitive use information.

Having access to this information offers a rigorous platform for decision making and provides a value added service allowing a complete overview of the project. Such technology is accessed by manufacturing, utility, government, mining and education to name just a few.

The Geospatial Technology is one of the important tools in risk mitigation responding to such issues as:

  • The rapid way to get emergency services from one place to another (e.g. Hurricane Katrina)
  • Large shopping centres, where is the traffic flow and where are the slow spots within a Centre providing data for business decisions such as rent levels or improved lighting, etc
  • Infrastructure issues associated with utilities – when and where was it installed, what is its lifespan and when does the part need to be replaced (e.g. water pipes)
  • Who will be affected by the lose of power in an electrical grid outage
  • Pedestrian traffic flows for councils for greater understanding of the services required within a specific area
  • Analysis of data coming from multiple sources in a web-based environment to clearly show spatial relationships and thematic distributions like production loss due to accidents, ore processed per excavated tonne and mine potential.

Mark Obremski will be visiting Adelaide in November undertaking only one industry briefing while in Australia. Mark Obremski is a designer in Geospatial Technology. Mark Obremski’s knowledge assists in the management of assets over wide geographical areas.

Over the past two decade Mark Obremski has developed, designed and managed many automation and GIS projects. One of his most recent projects was at PacifiCorp (USA), an electrical utility covering a six-state territory.

Mark Obremski designed and created a GIS system using AutoCAD Map as part of $10m (US) project. The system maintains 20,000 design jobs annually which produce over 30,000 hardcopy maps supporting the operations of the electrical network.

The system also feeds data to web-based applications in AutoDESK Mapguide, which support outage visualization and management.

Philip Amato, Director of IMAGINiT Technologies stated that “Geospatial Technologies is a leading tool in risk management and cost efficiencies, providing an organisation with opportunities to make key business decisions delivering a superior service to their clients. I am delighted that IMAGINiT Technologies is able to support a business briefing by one of the leading geospatial technicians.”

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