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IMAGINiT Technologies partners with Right Hemisphere

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IMAGINiT Technologies  engineering group and the provider of enterprise solutions to the engineering industry have partnered with Right Hemisphere, an enterprise software company provider of products graphics management.

Product graphics management is a new category of enterprise software that integrates automates and manages 2D and 3D product graphics across the extended enterprise.

Customers use Right Hemisphere software to streamline publishing of technical publications, interactive training, marketing communications, engineering collaboration documents and many more.

Right Hemisphere accelerates time to market for new products and product support offerings, increases revenue and competitive advantage, and reduces product lifecycle costs.

As an example, using Right Hemisphere’s PGM suite, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation was able to create 1500 hours of operation and maintenance courseware for the Arm’s next-generation helicopter.

By repurposing CAD data, interactive scenes were authored in minutes instead of days. Plus, more 3D content (from 18% to 80%) meant high training values delivered. The result was an enhanced offering, accelerated time-to-market, and a rapid ROI.

Industries that have benefited from the Right Hemisphere suite of products include aerospace & defence, manufacturing, automotive & transport, construction and agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and medical devices.

Cost saving opportunities and key capabilities of the Right Hemisphere offering include:

  • Reuse existing CAD models with technical documents
  • Automate manual technical illustrations and photography
  • Replace text with graphics to reduce cost of translation
  • Update graphics automatically to reduce cost of change
  • Dynamically update graphics and CAD models change
  • Provide product graphics on demand in appropriate formats and quality levels

Collaborative development & sourcing:-
Business pressures are requiring engineers to lower costs by speeding up design iterations and reducing change order cycle times. They need the ability to communicate and collaborate securely, to transfer knowledge of the most current product and process designs to all stakeholders.

Design collaborations documents such as product designs, product mock-ups, visualisations, engineering change orders and requests for quotes are just some of the documents that can easily be generated using the Right Hemisphere technology.

Technical publications and training:
Budgets for the development of technical publications and training are being reduced and many companies are outsourcing to countries with low labour costs.

The ability to deliver accurate and precise technical documentation is made more difficult by increasing product complexity, and localisation for global markets.

Interactive training such as Computer Based Training (CBT), Information and Learning Technologies (ILT), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), simulations and more can be developed with the Right Hemisphere technology.

Sales & marketing communications:
Sales and marketing teams are constantly pushed to deliver consistent messaging and branding on limited budgets.

To add to the challenge, sales and marketing teams must differentiate products and services in an over-communicated world.

Marketing communications such as catalogues, brochures, presentations, multimedia and other marketing collateral are easily prepared and modified according to design changes using the Right Hemisphere technology solution.

Service and support:
Increasingly, companies view service and support organisations as revenue generators instead of cost centres.

Right Hemisphere offers the tools to differentiate your organisation to develop and cultivate client relationships.

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