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AutoCAD 2008 software from IMAGINiT Technologies

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IMAGINiT Technologies  provides the engineering industry with enterprise solutions. IMAGINiT Technologies has above 20 years of experience in design and engineering field. IMAGINiT also provides design solutions to the architecture, building, building, civil engineering, entertainment and media, geospatial and manufacturing industries.

AutoCAD 2008 software of IMAGINiT Technologies has features that are known to enhance the accuracy and speed. The annotative scaling feature of AutoCAD 2008 enables the user to create annotative objects like attributes, balloons, blocks, dimensions, hatches and text. When the AutoCAD creates these objects they automatically size them.

AutoCAD 2008 software provides tools for managing, sharing and creation of the design document. These documents are used by companies for the creation of buildings, etc.

AutoCAD enables the user to assign a specific plot style, line weight, line type and colour by double-clicking in a view port. The columns can be recognised by the drag-and-drop options thereby displaying the frequently used columns in the left side of the dialogue box.

The MLEADER command allows a better control over the leaders and also permits the addition of multiple leader lines in regions required. The Multileader tools not only put the leaders into place but also control the spacing between them.

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