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ILID Bounces into 2011 with New RF Communication Platform and Electronic Shelf Labels

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The Australian-owned electronic shelf labelling company, Ilid is entering 2011 with a new RF communication system and electronic shelf labels.  

After a year of working with UK-based development partner ZBD Solutions, the Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) company ILID offers a new system that moves away from light modulation and utilises two-way radio frequency communication technology.  

Called ILID Bounce, the RF device, sized about the same as a wireless router can be installed in a central location and made operational in a matter of hours, eliminating traditional heavy infrastructure and high installation cost limitations.

The simple and low-cost Bounce Communicator receives prices and product information from a store’s POS system sent via integrated software.  

The Bounce Communicator instantly updates the ESLs, sending a compliance report back to the system and providing the retailer with the assurance that all price changes have been executed.

Improvements in functionality and label formats such as the use of epaper and segmented dot matrix labels now offer value to retailers on many fronts.  

In addition to displaying price as well as reducing labour and printing costs involved in price changes, the next generation electronic price labelling systems offer advantages such as:

  • Increase shopper influence at the point-of-purchase
  • Allow retailers to implement dynamic pricing strategies focused on margin maximisation
  • Implement time-of-day pricing activities
  • Be competitive and proactive in a highly volatile market

Two different ranges of labels are available to suit the varying requirements in a retail format. Segmented Dot Matrix (SDM) labels have been developed by ILID in Australia while epaper labels have been developed by UK-based ZBD Solutions.

Segmented Dot Matrix (SDM) labels

  • Low cost, intelligent label format
  • Can store 31 different packets of information
  • Displays unit pricing as well as text chain, scroll or flash on the top line
  • Adds value to retailers through automatic price changes
  • Increases retail operation efficiency through the ability to capture, store and display different types of data from the store POS system
  • Sales and stock-on-hand information can be automatically updated to assist in better stock control and ordering in the store
  • Stock-on-hand file can be displayed on all labels
  • Enables the staff to count accurately and validate the stock-on-hand count against the store's inventory system

Epaper labels 

  • Also known as EPOPs (electronic point-of-purchase)
  • Advanced electronic shelf labelling technology innovation
  • EPOPs help attract a shopper's attention at the point of purchase
  • LCD labels utilise zenithal bistable display technology for rich images, pricing and product information to be displayed allowing for maximum interaction with shoppers
  • Ability to display and automatically update images represents great value to retailers enabling dynamic cross-selling of other products, advertising specials and branding
  • Image display abilities also help retailers receive incremental revenue or gains from on-selling advertising and branding space to suppliers so they can communicate directly to their target markets

The availability of the SDM and EPOP electronic shelf labels in addition to the instantaneous communication ability of the Bounce Communicator RF platform has brought a paradigm shift to retail pricing where the dynamic abilities of the systems and the labels can be integrated with marketing of specials, promotions and price promises. 

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