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Ilid  is one of the providers of electronic shelf label with the help of exclusive retail technology to transmit data through standard electrical lighting. Model number A103iD double line electronic shelf labels from Ilid are slim and well-designed labels. Model number A103iD double line electronic shelf labels from Ilid are also known as Double Line Slim Jim Labels. The Slim Jin labels from Ilid can display five numeric digits and eight alphanumeric characters on the bottom line and top line respectively.

The electronic shelf labels offered by Ilid use the existing lighting systems in terms of wireless data transmission. This results in the form of signal that are invisible to the human eye. The double line electronic shelf labels manufactured by Ilid are ideal to be used in various warehouses as well as in retail situations because these labels use commercial lighting for data transmission.

The ILID InfoFlashT software offered by Ilid helps to place the point of purchase materials properly. This also helps to saves time and effort. ILID communication is also broadened to electronic signage and various other ILID-enabled services. The electronic shelf labels that are designed and manufactured by Ilid are done with the help of recent technologies and techniques.

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