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article image Remote control for home entertainment systems.

IMAGE Design Technology has announced that Intrigue Technology, the creator of Smart State Technology and the Harmony Remote, has introduce its latest "family-friendly remote", the SST-659.

The new Harmony SST-659 includes activity buttons, top mounted LCD display, separate navigation buttons and bright backlit buttons.

The SST-659 has a user-friendly interface that operators can use without training. The combination of the simple interface and the Smart State Technology makes the 659 remote control suitable for home theatre systems.

Harmony Remote has advanced its Help feature with the SST-659. The system can be synchronised in seconds with a press of a bright yellow Help button located at the top of the remote.

New preset buttons take over from the scrolling action used to control the television on the SST-768. Pressing the green button "Watch TV" or the red button "Listen to Music" makes the remote send the appropriate commands to automatically set up the entertainment system.

The new black SST-659 features a brightly back-it display and buttons and an interactive display screen located at the top of the remote. Convenient "ATM style" soft buttons located to the sides of the screen also assist menu navigation.

The SST-659 is not intended to replace the SST 768 or SST 748. The scroll wheel function found exclusively on the SST-768 and SST-748 Harmony Remote models is still useful for users accessing multiple IR products, TV programs, CD's or MP3 titles directly from the interactive display.

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