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INTRIGUE Technologies, represented by Image Design Technology , has pioneered a new type of intelligence with the introduction of the SST-768 Harmony Remote control device.

By harnessing the power of the internet and taking a truly innovative approach, Intrigue's Smart State Technology translates the hundreds of buttons and complex settings of today's home theatre systems into a simple, intuitive experience that anyone in the home can enjoy.

The style and design of the SST-768 incorporates the same technology that the Harmony Remote has become known for, plus a whole lot more, most noticeably, the look of the SST 768 varies, providing a choice of colours: red, silver and blue.

The Harmony Remote's activities are completely web-configured through a web wizard at HarmonyRemote.com. By utilising the a Smart State database of electronic devices, set-up is a snap. Even if a new device is not already in the database, the Harmony Remote will 'learn' any command or add any IR device directly to the database.

This way the remote is never out of date and changes are quick and easy.

The configuration is transferred directly to the Harmony Remote via the USB port on the user's computer. The configuration is always safely stored on the web.

Each of the Harmony Remote's button functions is tailored to an activity, so the remote is always intuitive to use. In addition, each button is customisable by the customer, and 'seldom used' functions are always available through the Harmony Remote's screen.

The remote comes with additional transport and number buttons for simple home theatre control, while maintaining the single handed operation of the original model.

The Harmony Remote is claimed to be the world's only remote with activity control. Scroll and click with the thumb wheel to choose an activity such as "watch television" or "watch a DVD" on the Harmony's screen, and the remote figures out how to set up the home theatre without the user ever having to program a macro.

By selecting the activity, the appropriate commands are automatically sent to the entertainment devices, resulting in simple, intuitive control of even the most elaborate entertainment system.

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