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Image Design Technology provides new additions to Avitech’s cutting-edge multiviewer solutions

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Image Design Technology  (IDT) has today announced that five new additions to Avitech International Corporation’s range of highly affordable, scalable, compact and reliable multiviewer solutions are now available in Australia.

Avitech multiviewer solutions are increasingly being used to replace monitor racks and increase operational flexibility in a variety of broadcast, professional AV (ProAV) and security applications, including: law enforcement, surveillance, sports booking, radio broadcast automation, news room automation, a variety of video production applications, multi-channel monitoring, deep-sea monitoring, global sporting events and much more. An industry leader in multi-image display processing solutions, Avitech has released the following new products:

Rainier Series

The Rainier Series is an extremely cost-effective line of multi-image display processors that addresses entry-level broadcast and professional AV (ProAV) applications. Its small form factor also makes it ideal for space-deficient applications.

The Rainier model 2a2v allows users to display four inputs on a single display. It auto-detects two DVI/VGA inputs as well as auto-detecting two composite video (PAL/NTSC) inputs. In addition, the windows can be resized, repositioned and labeled, offering a truly configurable visual display of content.

The Rainier model 2v, allows users to display two auto-detect DVI/VGA inputs, with high resolution DVI and RGB output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. With the exception of the number of inputs, the Rainier-2v offers all the same features as the Rainier-2a2v.

VCC-8000 Series: Models VCC-8004U, and VCC-8008U

Also available are two new models in Avitech’s VCC-8000 series of multiviewers: VCC-8004U and VCC-8008U. The VCC-8004U allows users to visually monitor a total of four inputs – two DVI/VGA/YPbPr inputs and two HD/SD-SDI/ analogue composite video inputs. The VCC-8008U processes a total of eight inputs - four DVI/VGA/YPbPr inputs, and four HD/SD-SDI/analogue composite video inputs - all at the same time on a single display using a single 1RU module. It provides the flexibility to mix and match these formats in any combination, depending on the application at hand.

Each VCC-8000U module (including the new models) can easily be cascaded with any other VCC-8000 modules to display up to 120 images on a single display. This expansion is made possible by Avitech’s open and distributed architecture where each module operates independently to ensure “no single point of failure.”

In addition, the VCC-8000 series can be combined with Avitech’s other products including the MCC-8004 series, and the ACC-8000 series, offering an expansive facility-wide visual monitoring environment. This provides the ability to monitor inputs ranging from HD-SDI to component video or DVI/VGA as well as offering embedded analogue and AES/EBU audio through audio meters.

MCC-8004: Model MCC-8004Q

Avitech’s MCC-8004 product line are feature-rich and unique with an integrated on-screen display (OSD) that offers embedded analogue and AES/EBU audio monitoring, multiple language support including 2-byte characters, tally functionality, alarm reporting, analogue and digital clock display and a variety of text label options. The new MCC-8004Q fixed HD/SD quad-split multiviewer is an affordable, compact and reliable quad-split multi-image display solution. Each module includes four auto-detecting HD-SDI or SD-SDI video inputs with eight channels of embedded audio per source and offers high quality output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200.

Avitech recently supplied ALIMAGE with a series of MCC-8004 Universal Multiviewers for one of their Outside Broadcast vans supporting the Tour De France cycling event.

Avitech’s MCC-8004 series of multiviewers were located at the heart of one of ALIMAGE’s Outside Broadcast support vans. The multiviewers drove several NEC displays (1600 x 1200 at 50 Hz) and monitored a variety of activities during the sporting event. The MCC-8004 modules were primarily used to display a variety of signals received from helicopters and motorbikes monitoring the cycling event.

During the live monitoring of feeds, the production crew utilised Avitech’s enhanced button-driven GPI feature for switching between eight different monitoring configurations and layout changes. In addition to monitoring the incoming video feeds on Avitech multiviewers, the production crew monitored the event statistics, various graphics related to participant positions, ‘results’ graphics and much more.

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