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Image Design Technology (IDT) introduces HaiVision’s MAKO-HD

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Image Design Technology  (IDT), has launched HaiVision’s MAKO-HD in Australia. HaiVision provides DVD quality video and audio network video encoders for use over IP and ATM networks.

The MAKO-HD is the fast HD codec for use in applications where audio and visual quality as well as timing, is mission critical.

With the low latency achieved by an H.264 codec system, the MAKO-HD has imperceptible latencies and pristine full motion image quality, providing interactive communication between remote sites.

This makes MAKO-HD suitable for use in medical applications such as tele-surgery where acting surgeons can be guided through operations by a specialist based anywhere globally; interactive broadcast applications, where timing is critical and also in corporate conferences, in order to retain the attention of attendees and avoid fatigue.

HaiVision’s new MAKO-HD codec for the hai1000 multi-stream encoder/decoder system delivers full frame rate high definition (HD) video with an unprecedented 70 milliseconds of end to end latency.

The MAKO-HD supports standard resolutions up to 1080p and also supports real-time full frame rate encoding of computer source content (up to WXGA).

Warwick Maver, marketing manager, Image Design Technology (IDT), says “HaiVision is distinctly different to many other network video products. Unlike traditional models which often encounter transmission delays and distortion, HaiVision will consistently provide the highest quality audio and video for industries where these factors are a critical requirement.”

“The HaiVision product range will also be fundamental in enabling IDT to expand our position within the traditional AV segment,” continued Warwick Maver. “The IDT team has been fully trained on HaiVision’s entire product range and we are excited about the possibilities that this new technology will bring.”

As part of Image Design Technology's (IDT) strategic partnership with HaiVision, the company has recently appointed Clinton Walker to the position of Network Support Engineer.

As a trained HaiVision specialist Clinton Walker will also act as the core sales contact at Image Design Technology (IDT). In this role, Clinton Walker will focus on developing HaiVision’s market awareness in Australia.

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