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article image Designed to suit testing procedures such as compression, tensile and indentation.

IDM Instruments has released the Digital Line (DL) of universal testing machines. The range replaces the existing T model universal testing machines for twin-column testing machines.

The DL range incorporates the quality characteristics as the existing range, with improvements made to the computer software and the fixtures. The DL range is designed to suit testing procedures such as compression, tensile and indentation. To accommodate these testing procedures the machines can be fitted with a selection of grips and fixtures as well as extensometers.

IDM Instruments can customise testing machines to suit customers' specific requirements. It can specially design grips or fixtures to suit specific testing needs. The universal testing machine allows the testing of materials including foam, plastics, metals, paper and textiles.

It is available in capacities ranging from 5kN up to 1,000kN, depending on specific testing requirements. Machines can also be manufactured with three testing spaces. The inside grips are suitable for testing large capacities while the outside grips are suited to testing smaller capacities, eliminating the requirement to lift heavy materials and change fixtures regularly.

The machines are operated via the front control panel at an easily accessible height. The machines operate using TESC built-in software with an in-built digital display for load and deformation, test speed control and automatic return, a database for test results, and statistics among samples. Operators can save and print test results.

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