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Testing instruments for pulp and paper industries from IDM Instruments

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IDM Instruments  has announced that it is the representative for Pulmac Inc of Canada for both Australia and New Zealand markets.

Pulmac Inc manufactures specialised testing instruments for the pulp and paper industries.

Pulmac Inc of Montreal, Canada and Doshi & Associates, of Appleton, USA have joined forces in order to provide the paper recycling world with a practical solution to the on-going problem of micro-stickies.

It has become more and more evident that secondary stickies, formed from suddenly and rapidly agglomerating micro-stickies, will cause considerable problems on the paper machine. Until now these small particles have avoided capture by a practical test.

After an extensive research program, Doshi and Associates have developed a laboratory process that stimulates the repeatable agglomeration of micro-stickies into the more readily quantified macro, or secondary, stickies.

Measuring only the concentration of macrostickies is simply not enough. To get a complete picture of stickies distribution, you need to measure the concentration of both macro-stickies and micro-stickies, preferably using the same sample.

Failure to do so may lead to misinterpretation of data, wrong conclusions and ill-advised decisions.

Using a simple design, Pulmac Inc engineers have been able to replicate the laboratory process with a device that is attached as an add-on feature to the existing Master Screen design.

Once a pulp sample is introduced to the attachment, micro-stickies are automatically separated from macro-stickies and then agglomerated.

Concurrent to the five-minute agglomeration cycle, the macro-stickies slurry is automatically fed into the Master Screen for normal processing.

The screen rejects are then removed for quantification and the solution containing agglomerated micro-stickies is later channelled into the Master Screen delivery sequence.

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