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article image The ColorTouch PC spectrophotometer.

TECHNIDYNE has released the ColorTouch PC, an advanced spectrophotometer for measuring paper brightness, opacity, colour, gloss, fluorescence, whiteness, tint and ERIC values. It is available from IDM Instruments .

The ColorTouch PC conforms to ISO 2469 and 2470 for the measurement of ISO Brightness. A certificate of calibration to the ISO level III calibration is provided with each system. ColorTouch has an effective wavelength of 457nm and is distributed throughout the spectral range of 400nm to 500nm.

It can measure samples for fluorescence under four different calibrated sources, C (ISO Brightness), D65 (outdoor daylight), UV-EX (no ultra violet energy) and Ganz-Griesser.

It can also accomodate two user-defined calibration sources. Once calibration of these sources is completed, the instrument stores all settings so that calibration is accomplished internally each time a different source is selected.

Spectral data measurements are made with and without fluorescence excitation. This allows complete analysis of the optical brightener's impact on the sample's brightness, whiteness and colour shift.

Whiteness can be sampled under different fluorescing conditions. Whiteness values can be calculated under a variety of methods, including CIE/ASTM, Ganz-Griesser, TAPPI and Hunter.

The system measures ISO opacity and also provides scattering and absorption powers and coefficients along with contrast ratio. Changes in the values as the result of a change in grammage can also be instantly calculated.

The ColorTouch PC utilises an internal swing-in standard for calibration maintenance on a daily basis. The swing-in standard helps extend the time between primary calibration and improves repeatability and reproducibility.

When it comes time to perform a calibration, the ColorTouch PC provides an automated calibration process. Technidyne supplies a disk which contains all the calibration data required for the instrument. All the operator needs to do is select the calibration function and follow the directions presented on the screen.

The system uses a Windows based software package that provides the flexibility to develop and design specific operational presentations that are exactly what the testing requires. The designer function of the software allows the creation of measurement presentations and functions. The ColorTouch PC also provides extensive capabilities for analysing data from several different measurements and evaluating historical trends.

The system makes it easier to measure the correct location on the sample. It incorporates an electronic camera to capture the sample image and presents the image in real time on the computer screen for exact positioning.

The system features an optional ERIC 950, providing a control parameter specifically designed to measure the residual ink content of the secondary fiber.

In addition to the ISO standard aperture, the ColorTouch PC offers a 15.8mm medium area view and a 7.8mm small area view.

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