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Sole adhesion tester from IDM Instruments

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The sole adhesion tester has been specifically designed and manufactured by IDM Instruments to determine the strength of adhesion between a toe or heel and upper of occupational protective footwear, suitable for a factory or laboratory environment.

The standard model, S0010 sole adhesion tester, measures adhesion at the toe of all footwear where the sole thickness does not usually exceed about 16 mm.  

The sole adhesion testing instruments are available with a load scale of up to 100 kgf which is suitable for the toe adhesion of all footwear.  The toe piece supplied fits the majority of toe shapes. 

The toe piece of the instrument is inserted in the feather line groove between the sole and upper and when the back of the shoe, resting on the fulcrum, is pressed downwards, the toe piece effectively applies a force to the load beam, separating the sole from the upper. This force is shown by the load dial gauge on the instrument.

The sole adhesion tester can test the adhesion on either the toe or heel of shoes.

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