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THE Precision Drop Tester from IDM Instruments is designed to ascertain the resistance to rough handling of various types of packaging. Several types of packaging can be tested -- cardboard boxes, pails, bags and containers.

Not only can the tester do a straightforward "flat" drop, but also side and edge drops.

The Precision Drop Tester has an open construction arrangement, which does not restrict the sample geometry. There are adjustable minimum and maximum heights for loading and dropping, which is performed via a chain hoist to minimise any injuries to the operator.

A handheld control and a foot switch are connected to the tester to enable the operator to be a safe distance away when the test is performed. There are two different models available, one for 75kg and one for 150kg containers.

The performance of the test does not damage the container during lifting or releasing. When released, the releasing mechanism does not obstruct the fall of the container in any way before it hits the impact surface.

The impact surface is a large steel base 1m x 1.5m x 25mm thick. The tester is mounted to this base.

The Precision Drop Tester operates on 3-phase power and an air supply of 80psi. It performs to the standard AS 2582.4 and ISO 2248 Method A. IDM Instruments 03 9706 7837.

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