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Precision drop tester makes its mark in Malaysia

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article image The Precision Drop Tester from IDM Instruments

LEADING Australian manufacturer of testing and measuring instruments, IDM Instruments Pty Ltd , has manufactured its Precision Drop Tester for a leading packaging giant in Malaysia.

With a lifting capacity of either 75kg or 150kg, the 3m tall instrument performs vertical impact test on complete, filled transport packages by dropping at maximum heights of 2.5m. It complies with AS 2582.4, ISO 2248 Method A, ASTM D5276 and ISTA standards.

Designed for cardboard boxes, pails, bags, containers and crates, the Precision Drop Tester has an open construction arrangement, which does not restrict the test sample geometry. The Drop Tester lifts the package in such a way so as not to cause damage to the operator or package.

Tests may be performed either as a single test to investigate the vertical impact or as a part of a sequence of tests designed to measure the ability of a package to withstand a distribution system that includes a vertical impact hazard.

The Precision Drop Tester features adjustable minimum and maximum height for loading and dropping, via a chain hoist for positioning, as well as custom made drop forks to accommodate different sized packages. The large steel base measures 1m x 1.5m x 25mm, but can also be custom made to suit specific requirements for test surface and mounting.

A hand-held control and foot switch are also provided for operation. Drop orientation can also be modified with the use of optional corner drop, as well as base and lid drop attachments, to allow for a choice of different tests to be undertaken on a number of packages.

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