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Portable charge analysing system

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IDM Instruments Pty Ltd has recently acquired representation for German company AFG Analytic GmbH for Australia and New Zealand regions.

Available from IDM Instruments Pty Ltd, the all new Charge Analyzing System (CAS) determines cationic/anionic and acid/base demands of aqueous charge systems.

The portable CAS features built-in titration (1 or 2 titraders), pH probe with built in temperature compensation, as well as an easy to use software package, which enables data to be stored, analysed, transferred to Excel, or even emailed.

The software package also allows default standard titration procedures and customer-specific processes to be stored in the CAS.

Advantages of the CAS are that it differs from conventional charge detectors. It eliminates the need of having separate devices - charge detector, pH meter, thermometer, titrator - to conduct charge analysis. The CAS combines all these measurements in one compact unit to provide fast, accurate dosage rates on the spot.

The CAS is used in applications including:

*Waste water treatment

- saving costing for chemicals by exact dosage of the flocculants used

- correct selection of a flocculant by objective comparative measurements

*Paper production

- optimised process stability by direct control of anionic trash

- reduced production costs by saving chemicals

*Pigment Processing

- optimum dosage of dispersing agent

- direct flocculation of components via isoelectric point possible

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