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Plastic film hot tack tester

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article image Optimising the packaging process.

THE Hot Tack Tester from IDM Instruments is an advanced system for monitoring the seal performance of flexible and semi rigid plastic films and laminates.

The design and development of the packaging system has come under close scrutiny with a great deal of emphasis placed on the integrity of the final product.

Although factors such as type of package, materials of construction, size and desired outcome all add to the equation of flexible package integrity, the seal strength is an important element.

The tester has been developed to determine the capability of a heat-seal join to hang together when it is stressed, at a specified time interval, while still hot from the sealing operation, but before it reaches ambient temperature.

The overall design of a package can contribute or detract from the materials ability to provide hot tack during the sealing process.

"Hot tack knowledge is a considerable concern as package seals must be able to withstand forces and stresses applied during the form filling process,” an IDM spokesman said.

“By assessing the quality of seals' key parameters -- sealing pressure, dwell time and temperature -- optimum sealing conditions can be determined and therefore reflected on the production line.

“Industry response has proven the Tester to be beneficial in providing the user a means of determining key sealing parameters. It is quick and easy to use for quality control purposes with precise, repeatable tests.”

The Hot Tack Tester allows testing and inspection of incoming material with the capabilities of storing and recording data graphically or numerically.

Related to product development and quality control through the whole manufacturing chain of flexible packages the tester helps in optimising the packaging process while also conforming to ASTM F 1921.

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