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article image Tack tester -- an advanced system.

IDM Instruments recently showcased the Hot Tack Tester - an advanced system for monitoring the seal performance of flexible and semi rigid plastic films and laminates.

The tester aids in the research and development of flexible films used in the packaging industry.

Conforming to ASTM F 1921 standard, the Hot Tack Tester is a quick and easy to use machine for quality control purposes with precise and repeatable tests.

The seal strength plays a vital role of flexible package integrity; however, other factors also contribute to the success such as type of package, materials of construction, size and desired outcome.

The Hot Tack Tester has been developed to determine the capability of a heat-seal join to hang together when it is stressed, at a specified time interval, while still hot from the sealing operation, but before it reaches ambient temperature.

The overall design of a package can contribute or detract from the materials ability to provide hot tack during the sealing process.

The Hot Tack Tester comes equipped with Teflon coated sealing jaws, touch screen and printer. PLC allows users to operate the machine manually or automatically.

Some of the features include Microsoft Window CE operating system, with cycle history page to view progress of testing, printable Hot Tack Graph: Applied Force v Sealing Process, recordable laboratory humidity as well as automatic recording of ambient laboratory temperature.

Some of the benefits of the tester are that it provides the user with a means of determining the key sealing parameters, and allows users to test as well as inspect incoming material.

It also gives users the option of viewing and printing the data either graphically or numerically, and cuts down on report writing as it collates all the data.

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