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Penetration Dynamics Analyser

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article image Assesses the surface porosity of paper/board.

IDM Instruments has recently become a representative for German company Emtec in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1995, Emtec specialise in paper testing equipment.

Emtec’s Penetration Dynamics Analyser is used for the measurement of surface and internal properties of paper and board in order to predict the behaviour in the converting process.

Features include:

* General penetration measuring applications with any low and medium viscous liquid - melamine resin absorption of decorative paper (by using the RSE/OSB sample preparation device)

* Determination of the sizing degree/surface sizing

* Assessment of the surface porosity of paper/board

* Oil absorption (by using the RSE/OSB).

Main applications include:

* Saturating process of décor paper - saturating resin absorption by decor papers

* Printability - efdect of surface sizing and porosity on penetration of fountain solution or oil in the offset process

* Glueability - effect of surface sizing and porosity on the glueability

* Coating process - surface sizing and surface porosity of coating base paper surfaces.

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