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Peel testing equipment and fixtures from IDM Instruments

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article image G1045 90° Peel fixture

IDM Instruments  provide sales and distribution services for a range of peel testing equipment, force and torque gauges and fixtures. IDM Instruments distribute a range of peel testing equipment supplied by Mark-10. Mark-10 are manufacturers of force and torque measuring instruments, with their product range including force gauges, torque gauges, tensile and compression test stands and a number of different fixtures, for complete testing applications.

Mark-10 has recently introduced their G1045 90° peel fixture, which can be used for a number of applications that consumers come across everyday. Such applications include opening food containers, opening medication bottles, or even personal hygiene products, all containing safety foil seals.

In this application, the safety foil seal must be peeled off prior to use. Mark-10 have designed a complete testing solution for packaging manufacturers, in trying to determine the force required to pull off these seals, while maintaining a 90° angle throughout the duration of the test.

The applications available with the Mark-10 test stand, equipped with force / torque gauges and fixtures are vast.

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