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Non-woven materials particle counter

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article image Can store up to 3000 samples.

A common test for the non-woven industry is measurement of lint in the dry state. IDM Instruments has designed the Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter to ascertain the amount of loose fibres (lint) to shed from non-woven materials due to flexing in a 30 second time period.

The Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter is used in various worldwide industries where there is an important requirement for the materials used in production to have a low propensity to lint. These industries include healthcare and hygiene, cleaning, filtration and food packaging.

The machine, manufactured according to international standards, is made up of three compartments - the motor and control area, the flexing chamber and air collector and the Particle Counter.

During a test, the sample is being flexed and twisted, while air is withdrawn from the flexing chamber into the Particle Counter, where it is then counted and classified for data acquisition.

The Gelbo Flex Tester with Particle Counter enables fast and accurate testing of non-woven samples with relevance to linting. The fully enclosed motor and control area enables no entrance of external dust to the flexing chamber, which may influence the test results.

The Particle Counter is a compact and lightweight unit, used for cleanroom monitoring.

It features a sizing range from 0.3μ to 25.0μ, with 6 channel thresholds where samples are collated.

The unit can store up to 3000 samples and has a built-in thermal printer for fast and convenient test reports.

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