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Motorised stiffness of cloth tester

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IDM Instruments P/L has recently manufactured their first Stiffness of Cloth Tester (motorised) for an American based non-woven fabrics manufacturer.

The Stiffness of Cloth Tester (motorised) is used to measure the stiffness of non-woven fabrics by means of cantilever bending of the fabric under its own weight in order to calculate the bending length and flexural rigidity.

In comparison to IDM’s standard Stiffness of Cloth Tester, the newly designed motorised unit features automatic operation of testing as well as easy loading of test specimens.

The instrument is manufactured with reference to ASTM D5732 standard, used for testing most non-woven fabrics that are treated or untreated, as well as heavily sized, coated or resin treated.

The device features a motorised specimen feeding unit operating at 120 mm/min ± 10%, with an indicator inclined at an angle of 41.5° below the plane of the platform surface.

It also features a moving slide weighing 270g ± 5g and bullseye level.

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