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Mattress Compression Tester from IDM Instruments

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IDM Instruments has achieved success as one of the large manufacturers of mattress testing equipment for both the Australian market and International market.

This new success comes after IDM Instruments manufactured its recent addition to the mattress testing equipment family, the Mattress Compression Tester for a large American based company. IDM Instruments has now supplied its mattress testing equipment range to the major players of mattress manufacturers around the world, with their Cornell Type Tester, Mattress Rollator and now the Mattress Compression Tester.

The Mattress Compression Tester is manufactured with relevance to ASTM standard, used to evaluate the indentation force deflection (IFD), a test requirement common with both the foam and mattress industries. The Mattress Compression Tester uses a circular indentor foot to determine the force required to deflect the test piece a percentage of its original thickness.  

The testing instrument is operated using a software package developed by IDM Instruments. The testing instrument offers a variety of features that allows programming of all parameters, operational control and real-time display of the on-going test. The Mattress Compression Tester allows the operator to conduct a wide range of tests with an almost limitless array of test parameters and displayed test information, when used with a compatible PC. 

The Mattress Compression Tester features a floor mount operation for easy mounting of test pieces, with the capability of testing different sized mattresses. Different sized indentor platens can be used on the instrument to customise testing capabilities. 

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