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Innerspring and boxspring mattress tester

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article image IDM’s Cornell Type Tester.

IDM Instruments has introduced the Cornell Type Tester for the testing and evaluation of innerspring and boxspring mattresses.

The latest developments added to the Cornell Type Tester enable the majority of the operation of the machine via the computer software program developed by IDM Instruments.

The importance of automating the test set-up process ensures the parameters are not influenced by operator error. Rather, the computer software automatically sets these parameters, where needed, allowing fast, accurate and reliable tests.

Manufactured according to recognised international standards, the Cornell Type Tester tests the long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading. The machine is made with a double hemispherical ram head on a manually adjusted shaft. The force being applied to the mattress is measured with the load cell, which is located on the ram head.

The Cornell Type Tester features an adjustable eccentric, rotated by an electric motor running at 160 cycles per minute. The duration of the cyclic testing after completing the seven stages will take nearly 10.5 hours, simulating 10 years of mattress use.

The software enables all data to be captured, thus enabling retrieval and print out of test results at a later stage for evaluation.

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