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Inclined plane COF tester

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IDM Instruments has added another edition to the coefficient of friction family with its latest model, the Incline Plane coefficient of friction tester.

The Incline Plane COF tester has been designed in accordance with TAPPI T815 and ASTM D202 standards.

This small, yet resourceful machine has been designed and manufactured to determine the coefficient of static friction in most packaging materials.

It measures the angle at which one test surface starts to slide against another inclined surface, as the incline is raised. The test is performed three times to obtain an average reading.

The new COF mainly consists of a sled, which is used to hold the test piece, a bullseye level, which gives a visual indication of levelling of the plane when it is set to zero, as well as a microswitch, which the test piece must sit against.

During a test, once the plane starts to raise, it is detected by the microswitch. This then stops the incline, thus giving an angle for measuring.

The main feature of the Incline Plane, which sets it apart from the older model, is the DPM. The DPM gives a digital reading of the inclined angle, in comparison to a manual scale reading.

The machine is very user friendly, operated with the touch of one button, and very lightweight.

The machine caters for a large audience as it is applicable to various industries such as paper, plastics, film, foil, and coatings.

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