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IDM Offers Quality Tensile Testing Equipment

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The UTM range of testing instruments available from IDM Instruments Pty Ltd is designed to examine mechanical properties of various materials.  

UTM testing equipment is commonly used to perform tensile testing, compression testing, bend testing, adhesion testing, peel testing and friction testing among others.  

Load cells and extensometers measure the key parameters of force and deformation during the sample testing process.  

Software developed specifically for IDM’s UTM tensile testing equipment allows the operator to conduct a wide range of tests using almost unlimited test parameters.  

The UTM range of tensile testing equipment from IDM is used in test applications for composites, packaging, paper, plastics, polyurethane, rope, rubber, springs, slings, textiles, urethane and wire among many other materials.  

Standards testing: 

  • ASTM D3574 – Test B
  • ASTM D3574 – Test C
  • ASTM D3574 – Test E
  • ASTM D3574 – Test F
  • AS 2281
  • AS 2282-8
  • ASTM F1566
  • ISO 3386
  • ISO 2439
  • ISO 1798
  • ISO 8067
Capacities available: 

  • Less than 1kN
  • 1kN
  • 5kN
  • 10kN
  • 20kN
  • 50kN
  • 100kN
  • 200kN
  • 500kN
  • 600kN

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