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IDM Instruments offers Celesco PT5600 String-Encoders

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IDM Instruments is offering Celesco PT5600 String-Encoders. The PT5600 model String Encoders from Celesco consist of industrial rotary encoders mated to Celesco’s durable linear cable reels. String Encoders are commonly utilized when the end users need a linear measurement, but require a signal output provided by a high resolution incremental or absolute encoder.

The PT5600 model String Encoder provides the user with a variety of linear measurement ranges from 10 to 250 inches, as well as four different measurement cable directions. 
The PT5600 String Encoders can utilise any type of incremental or absolute encoder, including many well known encoder brands. The PT5600 units support the common 2.0 and 2.5 inch square Flange mount encoder mounts, as well as the 60 mm Face mount encoders; other sized encoder mountings are also available. The encoders provide all the common digital outputs, such as quadrature, 5 volt line driver, universal line driver, SSI, and Devicenet.
The PT5600 consists of a cable spool that is coupled to the encoder shaft:  the spool translates the linear cable motion into the rotary motion of the encoder. The PT5600 design results in 8 inches of linear measurement per encoder shaft turn.
The industrial-grade PT5600 devices stand up to harsh and challenging environments.  The robust design of the String Encoders make them suitable for applications such as die cast, valve positioning, material testing, and stage positioning.
These PT5600 transducer systems have been engineered for reliability and provide quick, easy, and trouble-free installation, where cable alignment is not a critical parameter.

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