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IDM Instruments introduces Foam Porosity Tester Digital

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New from IDM Instruments is the Foam Porosity Tester Digital, a useful quality control instrument used to monitor the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane, conforming to recognised international standards.

IDM Instruments simplified its existing Foam Porosity Tester with its digital version, offering customers quicker and precise measurements, with added repeatability.

The recent manufacture of the Foam Porosity Tester Digital instrument incorporated further improvements, with the addition of an external printer to be used with the instrument.

Results have never been easier to obtain now with the new Foam Porosity Tester Digital with Printer. The speedy process enables samples to be placed inside the test head area, the flow speed control knob adjusted, and a reading taken on the digital readout. Once a reading is obtained, the Print button on the instrument is pressed, and a printout is given for data collection.

The benefit of the printer is there is no need to manually record results. The entire operation has been designed to reduce operator error and downtime.

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