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High-performance position transducer

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article image Designed for restricted space installations.

IDM Instruments has released the Celesco SP1 String Pot, a compact, economical and durable device that uses a flexible cable, a spring-loaded spool and a potentiometer to detect and measure linear position. It is easy to install and has four measurement ranges: 120.65mm, 317.5mm, 635mm and 1270mm.

It is designed for restricted space installations, with a mounting bracket that allows the cable exit to be selected from four, 90° offset positions, making it suitable for light industrial and many OEM applications.

The device has been designed for misalignment situations where the cable may be pulled out and cycled at up to 45° angles without compromising life. The unit is resistant to free release of the cable without damage.

The SP1 has a polycarbonate enclosure, a vibration specification of up to 10G to 2000Hz maximum, and a voltage divider output signal. Electrical specifications include an input resistance of 10kΩ (±10%)and a maximum recommended input voltage of 30V (ac or dc).

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