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Furniture and Bedding Foam Compression Testers from IDM

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Model F0013 foam compression testers available from IDM Instruments Pty Ltd are designed to assess the degree of firmness common within the foam and furniture industries, either in the laboratory or on the production line.  

The degree of firmness refers to a universal measurement of firmness and hardness based on a physical property called the indentation force deflection (IFD).  

IFD is calculated by determining the force required to deflect the test piece by a percentage of its original thickness using a circular indentor.  

The circular indentor foot applies a force while also recording the degree of indentation.  

Test pieces must be of the same size and thickness to compare test results. The whole article may be used if moulded shapes are being tested.  

Model F0013 conforms to various international standards such as AS 2281, AS 2282.8, ASTM F1566, ASTM D3574 -- Test B, ISO 3386:1984, ISO 2439, BS EN 1957:2000, GB 10807 and JIS K 6400.  

Model F0013 foam compression testers from IDM find application in the testing of bike seats, car seats, flexible cellular polyurethane, furniture, mattresses, office chairs and springs.  

A key design feature of the IDM foam compression testers is the large support table that allows any test width.  

Offering user-friendly operation, the foam compression testers are capable of testing samples of different sizes.  

Options available for Model F0013 include load cells, custom platen fixtures and platen of 13½” diameter.  

Key software features: 

  • Data sampling is adjustable from 1 - 200,000Hz
  • Position or load control
  • Test parameters displayed with graph simultaneously
  • Real-time graphic display of data
  • Selectable graphical display presentation
  • Data can be exported to Excel
  • Auto return after a test is selected
  • Calibration file to calibrate the instrument
  • Statistical analysis
  • Printable reports
  • Windows-based software
  • Overlay display of data curve possible during test
  • ISO and ASTM test methods programmable
  • Other test methods programmable by the operator
  • Cyclic testing with data recording during cycle

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