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Film free shrink testers available from IDM Instruments

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IDM Instruments  provide film free shrink testers. Linear Thermal Shrinkage or Free Shrink is defined as the irreversible and rapid decrease in linear dimension, in a specified direction, occurring in film exposed to high temperatures. Shrinkage occurring in this way is related to the material of the film and internal stresses locked into the film during manufacture.

The IDM film free shrink tester consists of a small, circular aluminium block that is electrically heated and controlled by a digital temperature controller. Using aluminium foil discs with silicon oil, the test piece is placed into the shrink tester to accelerate shrinkage at selectable temperatures ranging from Ambient to 250 °C.

The compact instrument is manufactured with recognised ASTM test method. The IDM film free shrink testers are used in packaging and shrink packaging industries and require minimal setup procedures.

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