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Encoder-based miniature transducer

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article image The Celesco MT2E miniature transducer.

SMALL, precise, durable and easy to install, Celesco's MT2E miniature cable-extension position transducer, available from IDM Instruments , has been specifically designed to meet the high-acceleration demands of the aeronautic and automotive industries.

The MT2E's precision and durability are due in large part to the optical, encoder-based sensor, which produces frictionless, digital output in full stroke ranges for measurements to 76.2cm with an accuracy of 0.002cm.

The high tension, heavy-duty measuring cable consists of 0.019-inch nylon coated stainless steel, and affords a maximum acceleration of 136 G's.

The MT2E is adjustable and easy to install, thanks to a mounting bracket that features 2-axis, 360° rotation.

Measuring not much more than a couple of inches in either direction, this miniature transducer is available in two tensions, 255.015 grams and 850.5 grams and six electrical connector options; but the MT2E comes in only one colour: Absolute Red.

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