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Cutting dies and presses manufactured by IDM Instruments

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IDM Instruments Pty Ltd presents an extensive range of tool steel and ruler type cutting dies to suit multiple cutting machines and presses. The wide range of cutting dies is ideal for sample preparation.   

Designed to cater for various materials, IDM supplies sample preparation solutions to customers worldwide for industries such as foam, packaging, paper, plastic/film, rubber and textiles.  

IDM’s cutting dies range:   

  • Model Series C0024: Tool steel cutting dies 
  • Model Series C0025: Ruler type cutting dies     
IDM’s presses:  
  • Model C0022: Arbour presses 
  • Model C0050: Pneumatic presses 
  • Model S0003: Hydraulic presses    
IDM’s cutting dies assist sample preparation of materials to conform to various international standards including BS 2782-3, AS 1301.404, AS 1683.11, AS 1180.2, AS 2282.7, ASTM D412, ASTM D470, ASTM D624, ASTM D1004, ASTM 1660.2, ASTM D1822, ASTM D3574, ASTM D638, AS 1145, ISO 37, ISO 527, ISO 6259, K6251, K6301 and AS/NZS 1660.2.3.  

IDM manufactures cutting dies and presses to suit all customer requirements. 

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