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Constant load pounding machine

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article image Conforms to ISO3385 standard.

IDM Instruments has introduce its latest creation with the new look foam constant load pounding machine.

The foam pounding machine has been designed and manufactured to determine fatigue by constant-load pounding, in accordance with the ISO3385 standard.

This massive 160kg machine provides a means of assessing the service performance of flexible cellular materials of the latex and polyether urethane types used in load-bearing upholstery.

The test can be performed on both standard size test pieces cut from stock material and to shaped components.

The machine consists mainly of a plane platen that is capable of supporting the test piece and has holes to allow air to escape from the test piece.

The indentor has a smooth, but unpolished surface, and applies a force of 750N (±20N) during load cycle. It is the indentor support mounting which supports the indentor, except when the full force load is absorbed by the test piece. A regulator allows the pressure valve to be increased or decreased.

The machine is operated through the control panel, which can select how the test is run - either via timer or counter. It is easy to operate, making the machine very user friendly.

The new look foam constant load pounding machine is designed differently to the previous model. The indentor is positioned inside a polycarbonate cabinet, while the bottom half of the machine is securely closed up, with a built in control panel.

The principle of the test is, repeated indention of a test piece by the indentor smaller in area than the test piece, the maximum load reached during each cycle being 750N and running the machine for 80,000 continuous load cycles.

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